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Rails in the bed, no rails in the bed, automatic slide, manual slide, or non-sliding, we offer every option when it comes to 5th wheel hitches. With products from Curt Mfg, Pullrite, B&W, and more, we will get you the product to fit you needs.

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b-w-trailer-hitchesIn 1991, B&W designed and patented a truly innovative solution to the gooseneck dilemma; how to get the ball out ofHitch Installation the bed
when not towing a trailer. The solution was simple and ingenious. A 4″ hole is cut in the bed to accomodate the ball and the
mounting system is beneath the bed, bolted to the frame. A spring-loaded handle is attached to a 5/8″ steel locking pin that
goes through the ball. When you’re using the hitch, the handle allows you to retract the pin and stow the ball, upside-down, in
the same receiver. The design was quickly accepted as a great improvement to the welded-in-ball and fold-down plates used
at the time.

All that, and you don’t have to drill through the frame. Genius.

B&W has  designed a Turnover Ball for every full-sized truck on the market so there is a model that fits your truck exactly. We
do this so that installing the hitch requires the least amount of modifications to the truck frame… modifications that could void
the manufacturer’s warranty. From the cross members  and center section , to the sideplates  and socket top , each part of
our hitch is designed with you in mind. Even our safety chain brackets  are installed specifically for your truck.

You can trust the Turnover Ball… it’s time tested.

The Turnover Ball has been professionally tested and is rated to 30,000 lbs Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) and 7,500 lbs
Vertical Tongue Weight (VTW). But even more important to us is the fact that the Turnover Ball is time tested. Customers
have been hauling their precious cargo with the Turnover Ball for over fifteen years, and it has an impeccable safety record.
It’s easy to see why; we’re committed to quality! All components are made at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in
Kansas. Because we’re so confident in the Turnover Ball, we offer a lifetime limited warranty



A gooseneck hitch is designed to handle the heavy tow load that accompanies a gooseneck trailer. Trailers of this sort typically come in the form of an RV or livestock trailer but can also include other large trailers such as flatbeds. Like a 5th wheel hitch, a gooseneck hitch mounts into the bed of a pickup truck using a special installation kit or set of brackets. In addition to their high towing capacity, gooseneck hitches are appreciated for their tighter turn radius capabilities and subtle presence in the truck bed.

Quality craftsmanship and intelligent design come together to form the CURT gooseneck hitch line. This line of products is spearheaded by our Double Lock EZr Under-Bed Gooseneck Hitch. The EZr offers optimum strength with a fortified center section, one-person installation and a flip-over trailer ball that keeps your truck bed free of obstructions. It also has a sturdy handle that can be positioned on either side of the truck and double-locking pins that help ensure secure towing. One other feature of the Double Lock EZr and similar gooseneck models is our exclusive Center Locator. Gone are the days of repeated measuring and misaligned holes; the CURT Center Locator simply pops into the trailer ball hole of the hitch and provides an exact marker for where to drill on the under-bed.

We offer a full line of brake controllers from a variety of manufacturers including Tekonsha and Husky.  

Prodigy® P2


  • Reverse battery protection for both vehicle and breakaway
    Designed to work with electronic over hydraulic brake systems
    Numerous mounting options – including 360 degree vertical rotation
    Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking
    No level adjustment necessary – it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you
  • Great for backing into tough spots! Works proportionally in reverse with
    the ability to disable when not needed
  • Produces stops that are in proportion to vehicles deceleration rate
    “Boost” feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking
    power when towing heavier trailers
  • Continual diagnostics check for proper connection, shorted magnet
    conditions and much more
  • Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the
    control when not in use
  • Electric trailer brake control for up to 4 braking axles
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Voyager® Features

  • The unit is more attractive, easier to install, and makes better use of
  • Recessed controls protect gain and level settings from accidental
  • Ergonomically designed control lever for easy, accurate gain and level
  • Traditional 4-wire hookup and under-dash U-bracket assure secure and
    permanent installation.
  • System is compatible with virtually any 12-volt, negative ground tow
    vehicle, foreign or domestic.
  • Broad control range makes setting quick and easy.
  • The green LED display tells you that the unit is on and there is a complete
    circuit with the trailer brakes.
  • As braking power is applied, the LED changes color gradually from green
    to red, to indicate relative braking power.
  • The advanced electronics in the Voyager minimizes false braking, to give
    you a smoother ride, even on the roughest roads.
  • Voyager has a five-year limited warranty.

Weight distribution hitches evenly distribute weight over the entire length of tow vehicle and trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control and stability, better braking, less strain on vehicle and increased towing capacity. Husky’s hitch head design reduces installation time and allows easy access to the hitch ball shank. The hitch head features a built-in sway control ball platform and accepts different spring bar capacities for maximum versatility and reduced inventory. Black polyester finish resists rust and corrosion. Lift brackets allow safe and easy hitch hook-up. Interchangeable spring bars fit left or right sides of hitch head. Includes assembly hardware and chains.

We’re the towing experts. ROADMASTER is devoted to developing and manufacturing the highest-quality tow bars, tow bar brackets, supplemental braking systems and anti-sway bars available — everything to make your towing experience safe and pleasurable.

We offers a extensive line of electrical products to keep you safe and legal when you tow.

T-connectors and Wiring Kits to fit almost any vehicle



Trailer Lights to fit all your needs!


Trailer Plugs

We have the trailer plug to fit your needs.  4 Flat, 6 Way round, 7 Way RV, and 5 Flat are always in stock!



Adapters are available to convert the connection on your truck and trailer to match.


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